Skin Care Treatments


  • Customized Facial (Approx 1hr) – $60

    Embrace yourself in total relaxation with a treatment specifically designed to address your individual skin care needs. Combining deep cleansing steam and hydration with the most connect skin care technology. Extractions are done if needed.

  • Teen Facial (Approx 30 min) – $35

    A skin analysis, surface cleansing, toning, exfoliation and moisturizing treatment are the perfect introduction to skin care.

  • Gentleman’s Facial (Approx 1hr) – $60

    This treatment cleanses, purifies and calms all skin areas including those affected by shaving. After exfoliation a masque is applied to improve hydration, leaving skin soft and youthful. Includes shoulder and arm massage.

  • Back Facial (Approx 1hr) – $55

    A relaxing, cleansing of the back. The facial includes an exfoliation followed by an application of creams and essential oils to the neck, shoulders and back. Extractions are performed if necessary.

  • Chemical Peels (Approx 1hr) – $75

    This treatment will help reduce fine lines, smooth skin texture, help fade brown spots and assist in clearing acne. Purchase five treatments and get a complimentary sixth.

  • Microdermabrasion – $75

    A treatment using a diamond-tipped instrument to remove uneven skin, sun spots, scars and stretch marks.  Minimally invasive.

  • Microneedling – $100

    To reduce fine lines, scars, acne pocks and stretch marks, this treatment uses tiny needles to stimulate your skin’s collagen production.  Minimally invasive.

Add make-up application with any above service for $20


  • Eyebrow Shaping – $12
  • Eyebrow Touch-up – $10
  • Lip – $8
  • Chin – $5
  • Lip & Chin – $12
  • Brow, Lip & Chin – $20
  • Underarm – $20
  • Bikini – $25
  • Half Leg – $25
  • Full Leg – $45
  • Arms – $20
  • Chest – $35+
  • Back/Shoulders – $40+
  • Eyebrow Tint – $10
  • Eyelash Tint – $18
  • Eyebrow/Last Tint – $25

Please inform us if you are using a Retin A or Acutane prior to Waxing. Hair only needs to be 2-3 mm in length.

Other Services

  • Ear Candling – $25

    This involves the use of a custom-made hollow candle that is coated in beeswax and paraffin. While the client lies comfortably, the hollow candle is placed gently in the outer opening of the ear. Massaging of the face and neck areas around the ear canal aids the release of the inner ear debris and clearing of the sinuses for immediate and long lasting benefits.

  • Lash Lift – $50

    Tired of curling your lashes?  Ask about this treatment to discover how you won’t have to curl them for 2-3 months!